"Wait, that's all acting is? Getting up and saying lines? I can do that!" 12 year old Lacey said.

An actor, prop mistress, dramaturg, and director, Lacey Eriksen has worked on numerous productions in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, she has been drawn to productions that seek to break the barriers of convention, and breathe new life into older works. She has a deep desire to create art tells important stories, brings a new level of accessibility  to theatrical spaces, and provokes thought. 

Lacey holds a BA in English with a concentration in Theatre from Lebanon Valley College. In her professional career, Lacey has worked for the Delaware Theatre Company and The Rep at the University of Delaware. She now works as a social media manager for Tapp Network in Wilmington, DE.


She is so grateful for her partnership with Sarah, and is thankful for the support of her friends and family. 


Lacey Eriksen • Founder


Sarah Nowak is a goddamn legend. bow down.

Sarah Nowak • Founder

Stephen is vegan and writes cool music. xoxo


Stephen Piergrossi • Music Director & Composer