Book and Lyrics by: Sarah Nowak

Music by: Stephen Piergrossi 

Belladonna is based on the true story of women in seventeenth century Italy who made and sold poison for killing husbands.

Giulia and Leonora arrive in Rome, running from authorities in Palermo, Sicily. With no other means of supporting themselves, they turn to the practice that forced them to flee Sicily: poison-making. They recruit two local women to join in their endeavor: Giovanna, a well-connected saleswoman on the black market, and Dea, in love with her friend Lucia and trapped in a loveless marriage.

The women make and sell poison to desperate wives all over Rome. The business grows, and we meet other people in the city: the alchimista, seller of poison-making ingredients; Maria, a wealthy duchess; and Olimpia, the most powerful woman in Europe.

As stories unravel and fate twists their lives, each woman must ask herself,  "What am I willing to sacrifice for a taste of freedom?"


With a little help from our friends, we came together on April 24, 2021, to conduct the first table read of Belladonna. 


Cecelia Arangio 

Bridget Aylward

Lauren Bastian

Amanda Curry

Lacey Eriksen

Kyle Grossman

Keian Hagstrom

Tori Healy

Sarah Nowak

Gabby Rambo

Jenny Torgerson

"Holding Still" explores the budding romance between best friends Dea and Lucia.

Written by Sarah Nowak and Stephen Piergrossi

Performed by Lacey Eriksen and Liz Richards