In the spring of 2019, a production of Pippin (featuring the notorious glowing goose) brought Founders Sarah Nowak and Lacey Eriksen together for the first time. What began as a director/actor relationship soon developed into a creative partnership.  Through continued creative collaboration, the pair realized a need for more exciting works in their community and in the theatre industry at large. They realized they had identical creative visions, but more importantly, the understanding that change in the arts begins in our hometown, with us.  

In an industry overflowing with talent and ready for originality, Glowing Goose Productions seeks to create unique, innovative theatre that celebrates intersectional identities and stories.

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"Wait, that's all acting is? Getting up and saying lines? I can do that!" 12-year-old Lacey said.

An actor, prop mistress, dramaturg, and director, Lacey has worked on numerous productions in Delaware and Pennsylvania, as well as served on the Board Of Directors at the Wilmington Drama League. Throughout their career, they have been drawn to productions that seek to break the barriers of convention and breathe new life into older works. They have a deep desire to create art that tells important stories, brings a new level of accessibility to theatrical spaces, and provokes thought. 

Lacey holds a BA in English with a concentration in Theatre from Lebanon Valley College. In their professional career, Lacey has worked for the Delaware Theatre Company and The Rep at the University of Delaware. They currently work in Marketing and Communications. 

Lacey Eriksen (she/they)


Sarah has worked in nearly every aspect of theater, from performance to props to production, but her great loves are directing and writing musicals. She has directed dozens of shows in Delaware and Maryland. She holds degrees in Theater and English from the University of Maryland and teaches at Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Sarah believes that every production, whether it’s a new work or a classic show that has been produced thousands of times, is an opportunity to communicate a new message to the audience. Theater should be innovative and progressive, constantly pushing forward rather than repeating the same tired and outdated themes. 

Sarah Nowak (she/her)


Jenny is very excited to be back in the area after spending 14 years in New York and Los Angeles.


Jenny is a graduate of NYU Tisch with a BFA in Drama and Applied Theatre.  She is passionate about creating theatre opportunities for emerging artists, as well as bringing theatre to a wide variety of audiences. Jenny has previously served on the board of The Brandywiners, Ltd. She was also a founding member of The WOMB project in Los Angeles, and a board member for Conundrum Theatre Company in Los Angeles. Jenny is also an avid performer and choreographer.  


Outside of the theatre, she teaches Kindergarten at Moorestown Friends School, and she holds a Master’s in Education. 

Jenny Ragghianti (she/her)