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Date: June 4-5, 2022 at 6pm EST

Location: Theatre N


The process of producing a musical is often a long one, with weeks or months of rehearsal where you rehearse every move, note, and breath you take on stage. What would happen if that process was condensed into one day? What if the actors and crew didn't know what show they were doing until a day prior to performance? We introduce you to No Sleep 'Til Theatre: A 24 Hour Musical Extravaganza

The Glowing Goose Productions team has tasked themselves with the immense challenge of producing a musical in its entirety in 24 hours for our first production, and the show will be a total surprise! 

How Will This All Work?

Director Sarah Nowak, and Music Director Stephen Piergrossi assessed a number of musicals (selections from those shows were performed in the Glowing Goose Cabaret Show) and have selected one to produce in 24 Hours. Following auditions (details below) the cast and crew will be notified. On June 4, all participants will join together for the reveal of the show and begin rehearsal. On June 5, Glowing Goose will take over Theatre N in downtown Wilmington to continue rehearsing, host a technical run of the show, and then hold our performance exactly 24 hours after we began. 


Will the cast know their lines? Will there be a stunning 11 o'clock number? Can we pull it off? You'll just have to attend to find out!